TCP info screen


map window

The map window contains esri ArcGIS geographical content.

  • tap the map tab to open the map window
    The Copernicus Project app Map button
  • use the Location pull-down to select center map view
    map location menu
  • use the Data Layer pull-down to toggle active data layer display
    map layers menu

media window

The media window contains content specific to the selected Location. Or content driven by link icons.

  • tap the media tab to open the media window
    The Copernicus Project app Map button
  • pause / play / scrub video content with touch gestures
    The Copernicus Project app video controls

app controls

The app controls are located below the media / map window. They can be expanded with the 'controls' tab, or collapsed via the 'X' tab.

  • control tabs: map, media, close-controls
    The Copernicus Project app controls
  • link icons are below the control tabs, at the bottom of the screen.
    The Copernicus Project app Map button


To get started, use the pulldown menu (top right) to choose a location, then choose a layer of information to learn more!

Tap the format_list_bulleted on the bottom left to see the legend.

Tap the OPEN button on the lower right to learn how you can support community-based conservation.

Tap MEDIA to see a demo of how it works.

If you get stuck tap ?


Tap anywhere to close this window.