Amani Mengerink

Executive Assistant

A psychology major, Amani is keen to understand how diverse experiences and backgrounds shape individuals and impact their relationships in communities.  Innately curious, Amani recognizes the beauty and uniqueness that each person brings to the table.  She thrives connecting people, empathizes with their different perspectives and is able to assist navigation of the most complex aspects of their lives.

Outside of the office, you will find Amani on the slopes snowboarding, camping or pursuing her other passion, physical fitness.  A trained instructor, she dedicates her personal time being outside in nature or strength training.  She is committed to an active lifestyle to protect her health, her energy and balance.

Keen on adventures and embracing the beauty found in nature, she is often found at Lake Tahoe, California, where she finds freedom and solace.  Keeping this priority in her life energizes her and prepares her to bring the compassion, curiosity and vitality to every community she is a part of.

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“At our core, it is nature that unites us, forging equality within our essence.”

– Amani Mengerink

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